Monday, March 23, 2009


Author's Notes:

Jeanne Rejaunier is the author of 8 books, including the best seller "The Beauty Trap" and is a freelance writer living in Florida.

She received the first draft of my upcoming book Heart of Diamonds (all except the last 10 chapters) and sent me the following email, which I am reprinting with her permission.

Brava Isabel,

Your chapters are absolute marvels. Heart of Diamonds is an amazing work that excels on so many levels, as you venture into areas untrod by other writers. The plundering of the Congo, untold cruelties by rapacious, inhuman degenerates, disgusting acts by people who will stoop to anything and stop at nothing, the slaughter of innocents – the book shocks and I would venture to say, will wake readers up to things they never dreamed existed before.

Then there is the spiritual dimension, the satanic and the angelic, and the Catholic church, a depiction of which will surprise many (who are used to a totally different picture of the church). You show Catholicism in a light which will be a revelation to most readers. Might one say this is the "true Catholicism," as practiced by very few today, representing the ideal that was originally intended two thousand years ago.

The slavery angle makes a very interesting focus, and should cause people who view slavery solely in terms of that which was practiced in the US till the 1860's to do a volte-face (and with a red face, too).

I should not neglect to mention your command of trade-craft and spook knowledge, which rivals that of the best writers of that genre. (I’m still wondering how that plane changed from blue to green). The characters are wonderful, the story moves along swiftly, the reader keeps wanting to turn the pages.

In terms of definition, I think Heart of Diamonds could also be considered an adult version in the "Harry Potter" genre. But truly, it is a hybrid, a sui generis work that surpasses classification. Brava! I am in awe of your effort and am eager to read to the end (which I don’t want to come, because I’ll want to keep on reading).



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