Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chapter 6

She calculated that she was 18 years of age and still a virgin in every orifice. That meant a great deal to her. She was hoping Jacques would treasure her gift forever. Her loins were burning and aching for him, especially since he had uttered the magic words, ”rule me with your body". He had given her a choice. Perhaps it was an illusion, but he cared enough to play the illusionist’s game. She decided she would not be coy; in any case, she could not stop the desire flowing out of her vulva.

They made love in the stream, undulating and gyrating. Nothing about this unique creature surprised him. She was an assassin, just like him. She had killed to avoid being killed and to save the lives of her brothers – her gene pool. Her maidenhead was intact and pure, as the crystalline waters running over their bodies. He was curious to know how she had managed that, but he knew better than to ask her and she would never, never tell. Jacques was gentle and did not enter her all the way. He ejaculated twice. There was an endless supply of him just for her. She could not tell which was her liquid and which was the water. Both cleansed them. Her vaginal juices, their heat and his copious saliva, on her engorged butterfly, eased the pain of that first penetration and copulation.

Thus, was born the joint venture operation of the Congolese Revolutionary Liberation Front. The CRLF for short. De la Rue knew the exact location of a diamond mine, forgotten long ago, because it had changed hands so often, no one could agree on anything. In the end, after years of fighting and killing, there were no survivors.

Ebony voices and velvety voices, families of drums-bangoma, played with naked hands on the skin heads, spread stories about Heart of Diamonds. In Kinshasa, a city of four million people, perhaps five, or six? Congolese, Afro- Cuban and Belgian jazz musicians composed a variety of arrangements, with Heart of Diamonds as their Muse. The Congolese called these arrangements rumba ndombolo. The dizzying rhythms reminded the people of sex, and its power of regeneration.

"The rumba ndombolo is the sexiest music in the world," pronounced Miles Davis, the trumpet player and composer, the coolest cat in the planet.

This was two generations ago. Patrice Lumumba, the only true Father the Congo has ever had, inflamed the ancestors of the present musicians, minstrels, performers and griots, to create the rumba ndombolo. At that time the Congo had a collective hope and faith. That was no more. Now they endured, as did their diamonds.

"The raw diamonds in our mines are more plentiful than those in the Kalahari Desert, a tributary of the Congo River runs through it, you see," Jacques de la Rue eagerly explained to Diamanthe.

They called the mine The D and J Mining Company. It stood for Diamanthe and Jacques. Once word spread about the union of Jacques and Heart of Diamonds curiosity and mystery did the rest.

"Who is she, where did she come from?"

Expert cutters and cleavers sought them out. Jacques created the most professional army in the Congo. They could pay for the best men and armaments, for there was an endless supply of diamonds. The best part was that no one knew their source.

They discovered there were diamond merchants who were ready, willing and able to transact business with them, rather than with Mobutu’s people. First of all, they were undercutting their enemies and competitors by 20%,

"Let’s not be too greedy," suggested Diamanthe.

The buyers were avid, as they knew they would be. Therefore, the buyers kept their transactions with D and J Mining, a secret. It was mutually beneficial to do so.

Diamanthe and Jacques built up an enormous liquidity, which went into banks in Hong Kong and Luxembourg, where banking secrecy was still sacred. Many of their clients came from China, India, Japan, and Thailand. They were delighted to oblige them since they were all banking with the same bank, which had branches in their respective countries – The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

In addition, Diamanthe had her court of miracles, the maimed, burnt, crippled, mutilated child - soldiers who had no one to turn to, because they had been taken at such a young age. Most hadn’t a clue as to their true identities, their real names or where they had been seized. They began creating little pieces of jewelry and objet d’art, which turned out to be valued highly in the posh ateliers of Europe She discovered she could mark the goods up to 500%. This was the decision behind her opening a series of high-end shops through out France and Belgium. "Heart of Diamonds" The flagship was in Lyon, because Madame Charmaine, who was her trusted manager, liked living there. It was within driving distance to Paris, which was useful, as she could look into the Paris shop frequently.

Charmaine had grabbed Diamante’s offer. General Mundavi removed her by force from her parent’s house in Bunia, in the northwest part of the Congo and given her as a birthday present to Mobutu, when she was twelve years old. It was believed that virgins restored sexual vigor. Virgins were supposed to cure men of AIDS as well. There was just one small inconvenience. As part of his new image as the Father of his country, Mobutu had converted to Catholicism and had made a very public display of his monogamy and fidelity to his one wife. She was herself a Catholic and clearly, not a minor.

Cardinal Primate of Kinshasa Frederic Bamungwabi would have rebuked him in public, had he known that Mobutu was secretly keeping a harem of little girls and boys. Indeed, Mobutu went one further. His lawfully wedded wife had an identical twin, a deep secret except to a select few, which included several prelates in the Vatican Curia. Mobutu always slept with both twins in his massive bed. On official state and religious occasions, those in the know engaged in a guessing game as to which twin was playing the part of "the one and only wife"

True to form, Charmaine had changed her name, and fled the Congo, the minute Mobutu entered into a coma, never to wake up in this world again. She was following a script millions of human beings had done over thousands of years.

Get a new name, and a new life, and then you must become that new person.

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